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2008-08-13 21:49:32 by LordSpeedy

Alright so I finally have my latest animation up. Check it out, I think it's alright.

In other news, I have finally started working on a game that I promised my friend I would make. This will be my first every flash game, so I'm pretty exited about how it turns out. And yes this means coding which I have only every coded anything with QBasic, so it will be somewhat of a challenge. I'm not going to go into detail about my game, but I will say that it will be somewhat addictive (I hope).

Well, that's all for now then hope you all post comments and give feedback on my works.


2008-05-07 21:34:36 by LordSpeedy

Alright so, to all of you who are eagerly awaiting my next animation (Ha...yaright) I have another one which I have made for a contest being held at my school. I will put it up after the awards ceremony which is tomorrow night. That way they won't think that I stole it from the internet when it was actually me who made it. I hope you all like it, and I hope to become more regular in making flash submissions here.


2008-02-14 21:43:36 by LordSpeedy

I now have flash, so if it keeps working, I will be able to make and upload more videos more regularly. I will also be able to do what many people have told me to do, and that is to complete MGS 61. Hazaa's all around!


2008-02-10 13:05:39 by LordSpeedy

Sorry for anyone who has been waiting on my next flash, I haven't had the time to put it up, and now that I have the time I realized that the finished and updated version is at school wheras I am at home. I will have it up soon hopefully though so look forward to it.



2008-01-18 15:33:39 by LordSpeedy

Alright, two of my flashes are up now. I will probably add another one tomorrow for anyone who is interested. Enjoy!


2008-01-17 16:08:22 by LordSpeedy

So My first Flash is up! More to come soon! Hope everyone likes them!